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Dirty House Case Study No. 1

Your muddy dog is tracking pawprints all over the tile and carpet, the baby is covered in sauce (and so is the floor), the couch has more fur than fabric, the puppy had an accident on your brand new rug, and the cat just knocked over the candy dish (on purpose). What do you do?

After getting the baby all sorted out, you can reach for the wet/dry multi-surface vacuum to clean the sauce, scour the dog where he lounges with the portable dog bathing system, tackle the spilled candy and the fur-covered couch with the Pet Hair Eraser handheld vacuum, and clean up the muddy pawprints and the puppy’s accident (sure to be the precursor to many more to come) with a portable carpet cleaner made just for pet stains.

Whew! Now the house is clean—at least for a few more minutes. Now how about those dusty blinds?