At Smart Neighbor, we have a selection of kitchen cooking appliances that will help any novice cook become great.

Knowing your way around the kitchen is a critical component to being a grown up. It’s true. The people in charge of such things will revoke your license to practice “adulting” until you know your slicing from your dicing, your blending from your mixing and your ribeye from your T-bone. Equally as important to being comfortable in the kitchen: great cooking appliances. At Smart Neighbor, you can choose from our curated list of electric ovens, electric ranges, induction ranges and induction cookers.

Now, if cooking isn’t really your thing, and the closest you get to gourmet is cutting the crusts off your grilled cheese, check out our Neighbor Notes to see if your neighbors have any tips for getting started. And if you’re looking for other energy efficient kitchen appliances or home appliances, take a gander at our great selection of refrigerators, dishwashers and laundry appliances. If you have any questions regarding cooking appliances, or any other appliances, you can contact us at any time.