Smart Home Monitoring

Smart home monitoring lets you stay connected to your energy smart home.

Perhaps the best feature of smart home technology, besides helping you save money and energy, is that you can keep tabs on it from anywhere. Whether you’re sitting a few feet away on the couch or five time zones away while on vacation, smart home monitoring allows you to check it any time you like and see how things are faring.

With smart home monitoring, you can check to see the current temperature in the house, what lights are on or verify if you turned the oven off before you left. You can open the garage door to let in a delivery…or the cat, as long as it’s yours. You can adjust the settings on your smart TV to record your favorite shows while away, and turn the thermostat down so you come home to a cool house on a hot summer day.

Our team of energy smart experts have selected a great assortment of smart home and home automation products to keep your home humming right along and to make adjustments whenever necessary from anywhere in the world.

So check out our selection of the latest programmable thermostats. You’ll love how they look, operate and help save money.