Home Automation

Your home, only smarter.

Automating your home begins with installing a hub. Think of it as command central—it’s the brains of the entire outfit. Something like the Amazon Echo Show or the Google Nest Hub are a good place to start. Then, simply add whatever devices you want to connect, like doorbell cameras, thermostats, arrival sensors, home monitoring systems, Wi-Fi plugs (to turn whatever is plugged in into a smart product), lights, robot vacuums, water leak sensors, televisions, speakers, dishwashers, and the list goes on.

A smart home hub puts the power in your hands. With it, you can learn how to bake a pie, summon an Uber ride, view your events and reminders, ask Google a question, order meals, place orders on Amazon, call and message friends and family, control connected devices, listen to the news, podcasts, and music, and so much more. Think of a smart home hub like a personal assistant that takes care of the little details, so you have time for everything else.