DuPont ProClear Ultimate Allergen Electrostatic Air Filter 4-Pack


DuPont ProClear Ultimate Allergen Electrostatic Air Filter 4-Pack

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DuPont ProClear Ultimate Allergen Electrostatic Air Filter 4-Pack


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Product Description

Need maximum allergy protection? Look no further than the DuPont ProClear Ultimate Allergen air filter. Electrostatic mini-pleats create a greater surface area for high-capacity filtration to trap some of the smallest allergens inside your home, and prevent them from circulating.

  • Laboratory quality filter traps germs and odors.
  • Captures microscopic allergens, including those that carry viruses.
  • Fights harmful microbes with antimicrobial product protection.
  • Contains odor-reduction technology.
  • Captures pollen, pet dander, dust, odors, smoke particles, mold spores, dust mite debris, ragweed, fungus and bacteria.
  • MERV rating = 12.

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Sign up for our subscription service and we'll ship your filters automatically on any schedule you choose!

More Information

How does your subscription service work?

You can request the model, size, and frequency of any of our filters to be delivered right to your door when you sign up for our convenient subscription service.

The DuPont ProClear Ultimate Allergen Care Electrostatic Air Filter 4-Pack has 4 filters, each designed to last up to 90 days. People with multiple pets or high indoor pollution may wish to change their filters more often.

We will only charge your credit card when we ship items according to the schedule you choose. You may change your items or schedule, or cancel your subscription at any time. Call us to learn more at 1-888-44 SMART (1-888-447-6278) Monday-Friday 8 am to 5 pm CST or email your questions to our friendly customer service specialists at

Do I have to subscribe?

No, feel free to order single items if you prefer. Our subscription service is just a convenient way to remember to change your filters regularly and to be sure you always have the right size.

  • Each filter lasts up to 90 days.
  • Pack of 4 filters typically lasts up to one year.

Why should I change my air filter every three months?

Improve A/C efficiency and reduce HVAC energy costs by up to 15%: According to the Department of Energy, a dirty, clogged filter can obstruct airflow and cause a decline in the performance of your HVAC unit.

Improve air quality in your home. Filters keep pollutants like mold spores, pet dander, smoke and pollen from circulating around your home.

What is a MERV rating?

MERV stands for “Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value” or the effectiveness of the air filter. The higher the MERV rating, the more efficient the filter is at keeping out dust particles and other contaminants.

How do I know what size I need?

The correct size filter for your air conditioning and heating system is very important for proper operation. A filter that is undersized (or dirty) can restrict the flow of air through your system and affect the performance and may lead to higher energy cost. Most filters have the size printed on the frame for your reference.

If your unit doesn’t have a filter currently in the system, you’ll need to measure to get the correct size. A general guide to the minimum filter area in square inches (width x height of the filter) is below based on the system capacity (size in tons). The size of your HVAC unit can be found on your outdoor unit's data plate. If your system has two or more filters, this would also represent the minimum combined area of all filters.

Filter Sizing Guide

What if the filter in my system lists two sizes?

You may notice two sizes printed on your filter. The “nominal” size is the rounded number used by most manufacturers. The “actual” size is the true measurement of the filter. Use the “nominal” size measurement when ordering.

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