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The power of connectivity in your hands.

Everyone deserves a consistent Wi-Fi signal. Now you can say goodbye to spotty service with a few stand-out products that deliver convenient solutions.

Google Wifi is one we love. It provides speedy, reliable connections that are built on a mesh network of individual points working in conjunction to create a strong signal, allowing you to say sayonara to dead zones and dropped downloads.

TP-Link offers a range of products that deliver on service and convenience. One such example is the Universal Wi-Fi Range Extender, which simply plugs into the wall to extend Wi-Fi coverage; place it in a dead zone, and—problem solved. The Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini simply plugs into a power outlet and lets you control whatever you plug into it from your smartphone or mobile device, or with voice commands. You can also create schedules, timers, and countdowns from the app.

We invite you to peruse our selection of Wi-Fi products and discover the many ways you can automate your home and improve your quality of life.