Fun with Laundry

Who says laundry has to be a chore? While it’s obviously something that needs to be done, doing laundry can actually be pretty fun. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to see how you can have fun with clothes and make laundry less of a chore.

1. Turn it into a game.

Turning laundry time into a game is a great way to get kids and other family members involved. You can have a race to see who can collect, sort, or fold clothes the fastest. Or try playing a little laundry basketball and see how many pieces of clothing make it into the laundry basket. A little goofiness and some friendly competition can make you forget you are even doing laundry in the first place! We promise lots of giggles and fun memories.

2. Crank up the tunes

The perfect song can make any task more fun — especially laundry. Using your favorite streaming service, like Spotify or Apple Music, create a playlist of your top songs. Bonus points if you create a funny playlist full of songs with words like wash, clean, fresh, or other laundry related terms in the title to help set the mood. If you’re getting your kids involved in the laundry process, there are a lot of great children's’ songs about cleaning, organizing, and laundry that can be educational and fun for them as well.

3. ..or an audiobook/podcast.

If you’re not feeling like a dance party, you can always turn on your favorite podcast or audiobook. Whether you’re into self-help, romance, mysteries — you name it — the time between laundry cycles or while folding your clothes is a great time to dive in. If laundry is a family affair, consider turning it into a book club where you discuss what you’re listening to.

4. Make DIY laundry products.

If you’re looking for a fun project to do with your kids (or by yourself), consider making some DIY laundry essentials. A simple Google or Pinterest search will show you recipes and instructions for DIY laundry detergents, dryer sheets, stain removers, fabric refreshers, and more. The best part? The ingredients are usually natural and more cost-effective, which is a win-win for you and your family. It’s a great way to pass the time and they make great homemade gifts too! (Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions on your washer, dryer, and the clothes themselves to avoid potential damage.)

5. Organize your laundry room.

When was the last time you organized your laundry room? If you’re like most people, it’s probably been a while. Piles of mateless socks, drawers full of buttons and other odds and ends, and cupboards full of almost-empty bottles of detergents and stain removers are a common sight in laundry rooms. It’s the perfect time to clean and organize your laundry area while many of us are spending time at home due to quarantine and “safer at home” orders anyway. While it might not seem like fun, you’ll definitely appreciate washing your clothes in a fresh, clean, and organized area.

6. Redecorate your laundry room.

Along the same lines, a little redecorating can also help boost your mood and make laundry time more fun while spending more time at home. A fresh coat of paint, some framed art, shelving, and some greenery can really breathe some new life into your laundry room. Make the space reflect your style and turn it into a room you actually want to spend time in.

7. Make it a social time.

Many household to-do’s have you rushing around, making it almost impossible to chat on the phone or engage with others. Laundry, particularly folding your clothes, is a relatively quiet and easy task, which means it’s ideal for phone calls and video chats. So, go ahead and call up grandma or your bestie and catch up while you’re matching socks and folding towels. We could call use a little extra human connection right now.


8. Upgrade your washer and dryer.

New gadgets, tech, and appliances are always fun, but you’d be amazed at how much more exciting new laundry equipment can make laundry day. Upgrading your equipment can cut down on time, and Speed Queen features like delay start, special cycles and the speed cycle make laundry time a fast, easy, and fun laundry experience.