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What is Smart Neighborhood?

Alabama Power’s Smart Neighborhood is a future-focused, energy-efficient community with homes that are rated 35 percent more efficient than standard Alabama homes being built today. Located in Reynolds Landing at Ross Bridge in suburban Birmingham, Alabama, Smart Neighborhood integrates high-performance homes, energy efficient systems and appliances, connected devices and a microgrid on a community-wide scale for the first time in the Southeast.

Smart Neighborhood uses leading-edge microgrid technology to support the community’s energy needs. Made up of solar panels, battery storage and a backup natural gas generator, the microgrid is the first in the Southeast to support a residential community.

Alabama Power partnered with homebuilder Signature Homes, researchers at Southern Company, U.S. Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the Electric Power Research Institute, and technology vendors Carrier, Rheem and Vivint, among others.

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The Southeast’s First
Community-Scale Microgrid

Smart Neighborhood uses a leading-edge microgrid made up of solar panels, battery storage and a backup natural gas generator to support the community’s energy needs. The microgrid’s intelligent technology can also communicate with the homes’ heating, air conditioning and water-heating systems to determine the best way to provide energy.

The microgrid sits on 5 acres and has the capability to generate more than 600,000 kilowatt-hours of energy annually, enough to power a neighborhood the size of Reynolds Landing.

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