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Are you ready to achieve grilling perfection? It may not be as elusive as you think.

If you have tried before, only to miss the mark, we are here to tell you the Vision Kamado Grill is the solution you have been seeking. This kamado grill is from the line of Professional C-Series grills by Vision Grills. The high-quality construction, cooking versatility and sleek design of the Vision Kamado Grill set it apart from your standard grills.


When compared to the average gas or charcoal grill, the Vision Kamado Grill has little competition. This innovative grill allows you to smoke, bake, sear and grill. This type of versatility is nearly impossible to achieve on your standard charcoal grill and is attributed to the Vision Kamado Grill’s wide range of cooking temperatures. At its highest, this kamado can reach a cooking temperature of 600 degrees Fahrenheit. And at its lowest, this grill can reach as low as 175-225 degrees Fahrenheit. Now we know that simply having the ability to achieve these temp ranges isn’t enough, that’s why the Vision Kamado Grill comes equipped with a patented electric starter port and precise temperature controls. These performance features offer quick lighting and precision control while you are grilling, smoking, baking or searing. And when you are finished, the removable ash drawer ensures an easy breezy cleanup! Once done you can relax with a nice cold drink!

For the ease-of-use and versatility you get with this cooker, it is certainly one of the most affordable grills of its class on the market.


You may be surprised to learn kamado style grilling has been around nearly 3,000 years! New features have been added to the Vision Kamado Grill and the venting design has been improved, however, the design and core remain largely the same. Noticeably, the Vision Kamado Grill has a sleek and attractive design; its superior ceramic has a high-gloss illustrious finish that will draw attention at your next outdoor gathering. It comes in a variety of colors to suit your taste, and instead of being an eyesore on your deck or backyard patio, it is an aesthetically pleasing enhancement. Four high-quality swivel casters allow for easy moving and positioning. Its generous cooking space spans close to 19 inches in diameter giving you plenty of cooking room for all your meats, seafood and veggies at one time! And you will be happy to know this fantastic looking grill only takes about 15 to 20 minutes to assemble.


Grills of the same quality and caliber of the Vision Kamado Grill can come with big price tag. For the ease-of-use and versatility you get with this cooker, it is certainly one of the most affordable grills of its class on the market. In addition to being an outstanding cooker, the Vision Kamado Grill comes complete with a cover and a complimentary 100% natural lava pizza stone. Its solid construction comes with a limited lifetime warranty on all ceramic parts and a five-year warranty on its metal parts. A 90-day warranty exists for the side shelving, temp gauge and Bakelite tab. The grill’s cover: cape style, Visions branded and made of a heavy-duty UV-protected vinyl, is covered by warranty for one year.

Trust us, with a Vision Kamado Grill in your arsenal, you will be well on your way to grilling perfection!

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