Vision Grills Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado Grill


Vision Grills Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado Grill

Model No. C4F1F1


Vision Grills Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado Grill

Model No. C4F1F1


Only Available in Stores. See Salesperson for Details or Request Information Below.

This product is currently only available through your local Alabama Power Appliance Center. For more information, or to purchase this product, please click below for a contact form.

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Product Description

  • Heavy duty ceramic exterior body and fire bowl.
  • Two-Tiered Cooking Grates 
  • Grill/Smoker
  • Bottom Draft Vent
  • Cooking Stone
  • Top Draft Vent
  • Cover
  • Electric Starter

The Vision Grills Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado has re-set the bar for design and innovation with its separate calibrated control systems for both smoking & grilling. Located on both the top vent & in the bottom Pro Zone™, the Professional C-Series has built-in charcoal smoker & grilling control knobs to give you ultimate control throughout the entire temperature spectrum — from the low slow-smoking temperatures all the way up through the blazing heat horsepower needed for grilling and searing. Bottom line: if you’re a bit of a control freak when it comes to smoking, or if you simply want a nearly effortless way to achieve grilling perfection, only the Professional C-Series Ceramic Kamado will do.

Read all about grilling gurus at our blog Neighbor Notes, and Get Grilling!

Model # C-CR4C1F1 (Red), C4F1F1 (Glossy Charcoal Gray)


3 Colors

Each makes a bold glossy statement.


Smoke, bake, sear, or grill. You choose.

4 wheels

Moves with ease on high quality swivel casters.

Reasons why the Kamado Vision Grill beats your standard grill:

  • Ability to reach a high cooking temperature (600° F)
  • Ability to maintain low cooking temperatures (175°-225° F)
  • Advanced Temperature Control
  • Easy clean up
  • Has ability to smoke / grill / sear and bake food

The Kamado Vision Grill is great for people who:

  • Love to grill
  • Crave control over all aspects of cooking
  • Appreciate versatility in a cooker
  • Prefer a grill with a sleek design aesthetic
  • Want a high-end grill for a great value

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