7 Decorating Ideas for Your 4th of July Party

Beyond the stick flags and string lights, these simple low-cost and DIY ideas will add pops of fun to your 4th of July get-together. Plus, read on for 7 additional ideas for entertaining the younger set.

fruit ice cubes

1. Frozen fruit ice cubes are easy to make. Simply fill ice cube trays with blueberries, raspberries, and diced strawberries, pour in water around the fruit, and freeze.

2. Make a wreath that Uncle Sam would love. All you need is 7–10 patriotic fabric patterns cut into ten 14” x 1 ½” strips per pattern, scissors, floral wire (about 6” length), and a 12” round foam floral/craft ring, which you can purchase at most craft and hobby stores. Simply loop a strip of fabric around the craft ring and tie it in a double knot at the front. Repeat with the remaining fabric strips, making your way all around the ring, alternating fabric patterns and staggering the placement of the knots. Scrunch the strips together to cover the ring and trim any stray threads as you go. After you have finished covering the ring with fabric strips, loop the floral wire through several strips of fabric on the back of the wreath to hang it.

3. Wrap tin cans in craft paper, found at most hobby stores. These patriotic displays make great snack holders (think bouquets of pretzel sticks). And, not only are they functional, but they also add festive flair to your party table.

4. Tie red, white, and blue ribbons around mason jars to be used as drinking glasses. For an extra dose of patriotic décor, you can place strawberries and blueberries on skewers and add them to the glasses. Mason jars can also be painted in red, white, and blue (be sure not to paint the rim!) and filled with flowers or used for lemonade. A swatch of chalk paint on each jar can serve as a place for guests to write their names if you use them for beverages (don’t forget to provide the chalk!).

5. Set up 4th of July props for photo ops! You can make these out of paint and particle board or any other sturdy material (try a Lady Liberty–themed prop with a face cutout). Of course, if you use wood, you will need to have access to power tools, and someone who is handy with them, for the cutouts. To begin, draw a stencil for the cutout portions. Then you can paint and decorate the props to your heart’s content. You may want to pencil in the outlines to guide you before you begin painting your masterpiece. Other prop ideas: try making oversized sparklers, stars, and flags; these can be crafted easily from cardboard and paint.

6. Fry holders are perfect for serving up S’mores. Just line them with patriotic craft paper and fill with all the fixings!

7. You can find red, white, and blue paper fans for sale at many online retailers for a low cost. These add charm and an irresistible patriotic pop to any Independence Day gathering.

paper fans flags stars

Fun & Games for the Younger Set

1. Host a watermelon seed spitting contest to see who can launch their seed the farthest.

2. A sidewalk chalk contest can have awards like best use of color, most patriotic, etc., with age-appropriate prizes.

3. Set up a station with paper and art supplies for kids to make thank-you cards to send to soldiers.

4. Using a funnel, clear balloons, and red, white, and blue confetti, have kids make confetti-filled balloons to take home with them. You can also make some beforehand to use as decorations. Be sure to have ribbon on hand to tie to the balloons. 

5. Ask your guests to bring yard games with them, such as cornhole, ladder golf, volleyball, and KanJam.

6. A water balloon toss is the perfect way for kids to cool down in the summer heat. Just make sure you ask guests to bring swimsuits or appropriate attire for kids who will be participating.

7. Set up a face-painting station. It helps if you can find artistically inclined volunteers in advance!

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