Turn to Honeywell for Thermostat Variety and a Very Helpful Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector

Another smart company with a good variety of programmable smart thermostats is Honeywell. They offer Wi-Fi programmable touchscreen models, a Wi-Fi smart thermostat model and the Lyric Round™ 2nd generation Wi-Fi model.

They also offer a very helpful diagnostic tool, the Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi water leak detector, that can be used near water heaters, under sinks and next to tubs & showers that will notify you via your smartphone if a water leak is discovered. This detection would not only help save water, but also possibly lessen the amount of damage that could happen if the leak were to continue on undiscovered for a good period of time.

Honeywell’s Lyric round thermostat can actually tell when you’re home and when you’re not and adjust the settings accordingly…that’s very smart!

Honeywell touchscreen models are very easy to use with bright illuminated displays and the smart Wi-Fi model automatically learns your preferred heating and cooling patterns to help maximize your energy savings.