Floor Care

Life’s little messes don’t stand a chance.

Pet dander, foot traffic, stains and spills, oh my! At Smart Neighbor, we know that muddy boots, pawprints, and confetti (in the form of crumbs) are all just a part of life. That’s why we offer a wide range of products to help you make your space shine with a minimum of fuss.

For the pet owners among you, whether you need a vacuum that will turn pet stains into a disappearing act or a vacuum that will clean your dog, we have what you need. Our wide range of mops and handheld, cordless, upright, wet/dry, and robotic vacuums offer the versatility to help you turn the dirtiest places into sparkling spaces.

So bring on the messes! Whatever you need to help you tackle life’s untidiest challenges, Smart Neighbor has you covered.