The Benefits of Smart Thermostats

3 Smart Thermostats to Consider


Lives and routines were altered in the past year. Many still find themselves working from home. With fluctuating weather patterns, maintaining a pleasant home office temperature can be a challenge. Smart thermostats can ensure your entire home and workspace are comfortably maintained while also providing energy savings. Alabama Power is currently offering a rebate on qualifying smart thermostats. Let's review a comparison of features to determine which smart thermostat may be best for you.

Have you ever been running errands only to return to a chilly home? The Honeywell Wi-Fi Smart Color Thermostat will save you from shivering. Simply use the free app to control your temperature no matter where you are. Its customizable color touchscreen features easy-to-read data and allows for simple programming. Easy to install, this is a great basic smart thermostat.

If your daily routine is always changing, you may find yourself consistently setting your manual thermostat. This wastes energy and can cost money. The Google Nest Learning Thermostat will maintain your energy history so it can easily adjust directly to your schedule. While it also allows for easy app-based programming from anywhere, this smart thermostat will save energy by automatically turning the temperature down when you’re away.

If saving money on energy is your goal, the ecobee4 Smart Thermostat with Alexa may be the best option. Not only does the ecobee4 provide app-based programming and auto-adjust to your schedule and energy profile, it can be set to auto-adjust based on the current weather. This model also includes a room sensor to monitor hot and cold spots in your home. The ecobee4 can also dim your lights, play music and connect to other devices. You can also save as much as 23% of your HVAC costs each year.

While the prospect of installing a new thermostat can seem daunting, the process is easy and can prove worth it in the long run. Whether you prefer a basic smart thermostat or want to enjoy multiple features, each of these models can provide cost and energy savings.


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