Spring has Sprung

Products to help with your Spring Cleaning



Spring is in the air. Mother Nature is showcasing her most beautiful colors through greening lawns and blossoming flowers. Like the bees around them, perhaps you find yourself buzzing around to complete your spring-cleaning checklist. Below are some products to help you check off your to-dos and enjoy more time outside.

 Enjoying the warmer temperatures and the blooms it brings is a great way to shake of the winter doldrums. If you find yourself outside more, you’re going to be tracking more dirt and dander inside – especially if you have a pet. This will not be a problem with the Bissell PowerForce Pet Carpet Cleaner. Its 4-Row Rotating DirtLifter PowerBrush and powerful suction loosens and removes tracked-in dirt from rugs, carpet and hallways. It’s also the lightest upright vacuum they produce.

 While spring is aesthetically pleasing, it also means an increase in pollen. Additionally, house cleaning can stir up dust and dander. For those with allergies, it can be a difficult time of year. Tackle the challenge of reducing irritants in the house with the proper air filter. Smart Neighbor offers four air filter options for your home. You can order a 4-pack, or schedule a custom delivery schedule based on your system’s usage.

 If you’re looking to cleanse the air in your whole home and wish to supplement your air filters,

the pureAir 1500 not only eliminates pollutants, but can sanitize everything in the air, walls and on surfaces. In only 15 minutes, the pureAir 1500 will remove noticeable pollutants; in just 24 hours, it will remove the most difficult pollution.

 Whether its April flowers and the allergens they produce or the muddy ground from those May showers, Smart Neighbor will help you keep your home clean and fresh as a daisy.