Spotlight on Smart Lighting

Here’s shining a floodlight on smart lighting and the many ways it adds value and convenience to your home.

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The Smart Lighting Advantage

The benefits of having connected lighting, or smart lighting, are many. The ease with which you can control lighting saves time, as you can turn lights on and off, dim them, and set scenes with a simple voice command, or from wherever you are using your smartphone. And the benefits don’t stop there—when it comes to home security, smart lighting can be one of your most valuable assets. The away feature randomizes smart lights so that they turn on and off automatically to make it look like someone is home. You can also group lights together to schedule all lights in a certain area, such as your living room, to turn off all at once when you turn off living room lights, or you can set them to turn on and off on a designated schedule, such as 10 p.m. every night.

Built-in Peace of Mind

Lighting with built-in security features takes smart lighting that extra step further in giving you convenience and peace of mind. One such product is the floodlight camera from Ring, a motion-activated security camera that features a 270-degree field of view for motion detection, 2-way audio, a 110-decibel siren alarm, dual sensors with facial recognition, and customizable motion zones that allow you to control how and where your security camera picks up activity. For example, you may want to focus on a walkway and avoid nearby swaying branches. The camera is controlled with an app and allows you to receive instant alerts on a designated device and view live-streaming video.

Smart Switches

Smart switches allow you to connect lights, ceiling fans, and other fixtures and control them from wherever you are using the app. Convenience features include the ability to schedule when lights turn on and off, setting time limits that control how long lights are left on, and setting lights to automatically turn on and off based on sunrise and sunset times in your area. You can also set lighting to away mode for that extra layer of security so that lights are randomized to turn on and off automatically. Smart Wi-Fi switches like the TP-Link light switch pair with Alexa-enabled devices for voice control.

Setting the Scene

Setting scenes is a smart way to control lighting for specific purposes, like reading, watching movies, dinner parties, waking up, or reading little ones a bedtime story. In your smart lighting app, you can adjust brightness, hues for color-changing lights, and color temperature. Simply save your settings for particular scenes so your favorite lighting is just a tap away.

With the extra layer of security and major points for added convenience, smart lighting is an essential part of a connected home. Here at Smart Neighbor, we offer an extensive variety of smart lighting products, including floodlights, light strips, fixtures, and light bulbs. 

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