Prep For Guests With A High-Tech Touch

Smart Home Hospitality is here! We can help you open the door to a home that’s safe, clean and comfortable for you and your guests.


Nothing says “welcome” like a classic doorbell, and with the Ring Elite Video Doorbell, visitors can really hear you say it. Answer the phone from anywhere! This sleek hybrid brings together traditional design with two-way talk, instant alerts, IR night vision and HD video triggered by motion sensors or when your guests push the button. There’s also a Live View option that sends streaming video and audio to your Smartphone, tablet, or PC. 

Having a party? A house full of people can heat up quickly. Check the ambient temperature with a quick glance on your Smart thermostat app and schedule a blast of cool air that kicks on before kickoff and returns to your preferred, energy-efficient setting when the last guest leaves. If it’s a regular event, such as game day every Saturday afternoon, the budget-friendly Nest Thermostat E will follow your lead after a week or two and program itself with the settings you’re most likely to choose, leaving you free to entertain.


Make time for a quiet night in during the busy holidays.


With pets, kids, friends, and family tracking in and out, it’s almost impossible to keep floors clean for more than a few minutes. Who has the time -- or the inclination? Let the Neato Robotics Botvac D80 Bagless Vacuum do the dirty work for you. Program the Botvac to clean every inch of carpet, hardwood, or tile while you’re out doing things you actually enjoy. Its large wheels and brushroll feature help it maneuver seamlessly from one flooring type to another. The Botvac has LaserSmart mapping and navigation that scans the room to avoid obstacles, while the D-shape design cleans from edge to edge of every room without scuffs and with optimal efficiency. You can even add a magnetic strip to keep the Neato away from any “off-limits” areas, from fragile decorations to Fido’s kennel. 

Once the house is clean and your guests have been welcomed, it’s time to make sure everyone has plenty to eat and drink. Start dinner in the morning with the Ninja 3-in-1 Cooking System. It uses far less energy than a conventional oven, has a nonstick surface, and lets you brown meats and vegetables right in the pot so you can add your stock, spices and secret ingredients to a slow-cooked beef bourguignon and have it bubbling beautifully by dinner time.

Ice down your drinks in a YETI Tundra 65. With three inches of insulation, a freezer-quality gasket to seal shut, and  proven resistance to outside temperatures, this compact polyethylene cooler keeps ice cubes frozen for more than 24 hours and comes with a dry goods basket to keep a few items high and dry.

If it’s hot side dishes you have in mind, simply rinse the YETI Tundra with hot water, pat dry, place a thick folded towel in the bottom, wrap your dishes in aluminum foil to help retain heat, top with another towel, and tuck in the edges before you seal the cooler tight. Dinner will be piping hot whenever you’re ready to serve it.


It’s wonderful to welcome family and friends for long visits, but extending a bit of privacy to your guests is an important way to show you care. Let your overnighters have a bit of solitude behind closed doors, and pop a Chromecast Media Player into a single HDMI slot of the guest room TV so they can access their own accounts for movies and music. They’ll be falling asleep to late night talk shows in no time. Time for a TV upgrade? Smart Neighbor has so many models with built in Wi-Fi, Roku, and quick connections to streaming services, you may want to spend some time watching movies in the guest room long after your visitors leave.

To simplify Wi-Fi access for your visitors, try enabling Guest Mode with your Google Home assistant. It sends a secret PIN to your guest’s Smartphone so they can log on quickly and you can keep your existing password secure.



To customize comfort in your guest rooms, try the cool, quiet Turbo Bladeless Fan with an energy-efficient motor that consumes only 22 watts on its highest setting: just ¼ the energy of typical fans. Plus, no spinning blade means there’s no danger to little fingers, piggies, or paws.

To learn even more about running an energy-efficient home, log in to Alabama Power for your personalized energy checkup.