Pamper Your Pets with Smart Toys and Tools

Show your dog a little love with one of our new digital devices.   


2018 is the Year of the Dog. More than a third of U.S. households have at least one dog in the family, according to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), and 28% of dog owners treat their pets to gifts. Read on for some smart ideas!

Walk On 

Start your evening walk off with a Bluetooth leash that lights up for safety and lets your family know where you and Fido have gone. Models like the futuristic PetKit GO Bluetooth Smart Leash feature an ergonomic grip, a walking timer, high-powered LED lights, and the ability to sync with your smart phone or device.  

When the PetKit GO pairs with your phone, the dual-sided LED-banded handle vibrates to let you know when emails, texts, and calls arrive.  The leash has a unique safety feature that allows the wearer to share their walking road maps, and its built-in timer lets pets and partners know when it’s time to turn back toward home.  

Looking for something a little simpler but a lot flashier? Try a matching LED light-up collarharness, and leash from SimplePet. Available in red or blue, these SimplePet products can change from steady LED to slow or fast blinking, letting drivers, bikers, and other people and pets know you’re there when lights are low.  

Remember, your pet is trotting along barefoot beside you! Experts suggest most dogs should not walk on paved roads or sidewalks if temperatures are above 90 ° F or below 20 ° F, and walks should be kept brief at extreme temperatures. 

Weigh In 

The PetKit Fresh Smart Digital Feeding Bowl weighs the food in your pet’s bowl and helps track your dog’s calorie intake – great for dogs who may need an extra boost of calories to stay healthy and for dogs who may hint around that you forgot to give them an extra helping. The dishwasher-safe bowl is made of anti-microbial Bioclean ACT nontoxic materials to eliminate many forms of harmful bacteria. Connect with the PetKit Fresh app and select your pet’s favorite brand of food so the bowl can provide accurate calorie counts. If you’re curious about how many calories your pet burns during the day, add any PetKit Bluetooth activity tracker

Pig Out 

The Gosh! EasyFeed Automatic Pet Feeder and easyFeed mobile app combine to let you control when and how much food and water your pet receives, and to check up on your furry friends with its built-in webcam. The app tracks your pet’s food intake to make sure he’s getting all the nutrients he needs. Optional services allow you to set up a doorstep delivery account that will automatically deliver your chosen brand of pet food when the EasyFeed senses it’s running low.  

Dogs (and cats) will also love the PetKit Eversweet Smart Waterer, a water fountain system that can filter out harmful pollutants, turn off when not in use, and notify you with its LED blue light when the filter needs to be changed or when water is running low. 

Check Up 

It’s always been a mystery.  What do our pets really do all day long? Drop in on your darling with the gorgeous, golden PetKit Mate Smart video pet monitor. The Mate rotates almost 360 degrees on its base for a view around the house, and has a pet-safe laser that allows you to interact with your pet using the PetKit Mate app. It features a High Definition camera with a wide-angle lens and infrared night vision so you can capture and save memorable moments, day or night. Its dual microphone and speaker enables you and your pet to continue your important two-way conversations.   

A video and voice enabled digital assistant, like the Amazon Echo Show, can show film clips and play songs to soothe stressed pets who may have a bit of separation anxiety. It can also receive calls so your pet can be reassured by the sound of your voice. It’s fit for families and furry friends alike.    

We’ve got the tools to help you feed, water, and interact with your pet, but dog breath is something you’ll have to deal with on your own. Did you know February is National Pet Dental Health Month?  Take this quiz from the AMVA to see if you’ve got the chops to be an expert on your dog’s dental hygiene. Then check out our entire SmartPet collection for more ideas on connecting with your pets at home.  


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