Make A Play for the Best Big Screens and Smart TVs

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Bigger and better

LG and Sony lead the way with best-in-class big screens, according to top consumer reviews. 4K TVs have 4 times the resolution compared to standard 1080 p, which makes a big difference on big screens. The 55” LG UHD Smart TV ($799.99) delivers exceptional clarity and detail, even when viewed up close. The larger 65” Sony UHD TV with HDR and Backlight Master Drive ($3,999.99) makes movie scenes come to life by optimizing the brightness, color, contrast, textures and tones displayed beautifully across its big screen. The smallest details are displayed in subtle areas of dark shadows or bright light, and its digital sound enhancement feature completes the home theater experience.

Roku TV

Try the highly rated and super-slim TCL 65" (Sale: $1099.00). Ultra HD Roku TV which has LED edge backlighting, lifelike contrast and color with Dolby Vision High Dynamic Range for deep blacks and crisp details, and Roku built right in. 

Roku offers more than 3,000 channels, including free content and premium paid subscriptions, such as HBO Go.  Any TV with a HDMI port can connect with the newest Roku devices, such as the Ultra and the Streaming Stick +. Roku offers more than 3,000 channels, including free content from major networks, premium paid subscriptions such as HBO Go, and music services including Pandora and Spotify. 

Cinema quality

Our top of the line LG 65” OLED 4K television ($2,499.00) offers the ultimate in cinema-quality clarity and sound. Dolby Vision optimizes films with scene-by-scene focus, and Dolby Atmos provides studio quality sound when paired with a Dolby Atmos certified audio system. Organic light-emitting diodes (OLED) screens are composed of thin films of millions of organic molecules layered between transparent electrodes that respond to electricity. Because they don’t require rows of LED bulbs, OLEDs can transform a TV screen, turning off or on independently, which results in truly deep blacks and rich colors picture by picture. Manufacturers can create tiny, thin, flexible, OLEDs that display tremendous resolution and range in a phone screen or a wall-sized TV. OLED technology is visually stunning, even in brightly lit rooms.   

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