How to Clean Your Washing Machine

Tips to keep your washing machine clean and clothes smelling fresh

Have you noticed that your clothes don’t seem to get as clean as they used to? Or, perhaps you’ve noticed an odor coming from your washing machine. It might be time to clean your washer. Keeping your washing machine clean can prevent mold and mildew buildup, eliminating bad smells.

Your washing machine should be cleaned regularly. The laundry experts at GE recommend cleaning the washer tub monthly to keep your washer basket clean and fresh. The good news is that you can use common household cleaners that you likely already have. Cleaning your washing machine is as easy as following these simple steps:


1. Empty the washtub of all garments.

2. Pour one cup of liquid bleach or vinegar into the washer basket.

3. For models with a "Basket Clean" or "Auto Clean" feature, simply select this cycle, close the lid and press the start button. For models without this feature, select the largest fill setting. Fill with warm or hot water. Allow the washer to run a full wash cycle.

4. Once completed, your washer may have a bleach or vinegar smell. Leave washer lid open to help ventilate. (Leaving your lid open after all washes will allow air to circulate, helping prevent mildew and odor buildup.)

(If your machine still has an odor, it may be necessary to repeat the above process. On front load models, you may also need to use a microfiber cloth to remove any buildup behind the gasket.) 

Laundry tip: Using the proper amount of detergent and cleaning your washing machine monthly can help prevent soap buildup, ensuring your laundry gets fresh and clean!

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