Get Smart for Game Day

Smart products help you get more out of the big game by offering hands-free control and instant access to the content you love.

family watching tv

Get Ready for Your Watch Party

Amplify your big game experience with the Roku Ultra 4K Streaming Media Player with JBL Headphones and Enhanced Voice Remote. It lets you stream online content wirelessly, so you can watch your favorite content anytime in vibrant high definition. The enhanced voice remote means you can control your viewing experience simply by giving verbal commands. The included JBL headphones allow you to listen privately without disturbing others.

Smart Automation

A digital assistant gives you hands-free control over any connected smart products. That means you can turn on your television, start your smart dishwasher, adjust the temperature, turn lights on and off, and add more popcorn to your shopping list without pressing a button. The Google Nest Hub Max with Google Assistant has a viewing screen so you can watch the game even while you’re preparing party snacks. For Alexa-enabled access, the Amazon Echo Show 5 features a smart display.

Your Home, Connected

And, the convenience of connected appliances should not be underestimated. Everything from coffee makers to heaters can be voice-controlled by plugging them into a smart plug linked to your digital assistant, giving you less to worry about and freeing you up to enjoy more time with friends and family—and of course, giving you more time to watch the game.

A little planning goes a long way toward easing the pressure from game-day preparations.