A Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Whether your mom is into cooking, fitness, the latest smart home products, or anything in between, we can help with some gift ideas that will make her smile this year.

Weston Apple and Fruit Crusher

The Master Chef

Does your mom have a specialty dish—something only she makes, or maybe something that she makes better than anyone else? At Smart Neighbor, we carry a variety of standard small kitchen appliances (such as the KitchenAid 5-Quart Stand Mixer, the Hamilton Beach Homebaker Bread Maker, and the Hamilton Beach 4.5 Quart Digital Multicooker) and unique products (like the Hamilton Beach Pizza Maker, the Weston Apple and Fruit Crusher (pictured above), and the Hamilton Beach Food Dehydrator) to delight both the home chef and everyone she cooks for.

BioLite portable grill - great for camping

The Fitness Guru

If your mom is more at home hiking through the woods or training for a marathon, check out Camelbak’s range of hydration packs tailored for cycling, hiking, running, and more. For the camping enthusiast, BioLite offers eco-friendly solar-powered lighting, portable grills (shown above) and power banks. And, Texsport’s wide range of tents, camping gear, and hammocks is definitely worth a look. The Fitbit Versa Special Edition Smart Watch is a great accessory that helps with motivation and reaching fitness goals through step tracking, heart rate monitoring, and more. For everyday health, moms will love using the Ninja Table Top Blender to make smoothies to take with her on the go.

Nest Smart Thermostat

The Smart Home Enthusiast

Is your mom on a mission to automate her home? We can’t say we blame her. The first step to smart home automation is to give your home a brain—a control center like the Google Home Hub or the Echo (we offer a variety of color options), which allows you to connect other devices like TVs, lighting, and smart thermostats and control them with your voice. (For a digital assistant that’s a bit smaller, try the Echo Dot or the Google Home Mini.)

Once you have the brain—your digital assistant—you can begin adding on smart home products to expand your home’s automated capabilities; before you buy additional items, however, make sure that the product is compatible with Google or Alexa voice services (or the Samsung Smart Things Hub, or whatever control center they will need to connect with). TP-LINK’s Smart WiFi Plug Mini is compatible with Alexa and Google, and can also be controlled through an app. The Nest Thermostat E (pictured above) is also compatible with Alexa and Google, and the app allows you to turn on and off your system, set the temperature, create a schedule, and more.

PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor

The Pet Parent

If your siblings have tails and are covered in fur, your mom might love the Barkbath QT Portable Dog Bath & Grooming System—a portable bathing system that uses a no-rinse shampoo formula and means you won’t have to wrestle Fido into the bathtub. The Motorola Wireless Pet Fence System has a 1-acre coverage area and fifteen levels of static correction ranging from gentle to firm; it’s great for keeping dogs contained, either at home, while camping, or on trips.

The PetSafe Electronic SmartDoor (shown above) lets you control your pet’s comings and goings with lock and unlock options. It also prevents unwanted animals from entering your home with a SmartKey that your pet wears on the collar, which triggers the battery-powered door to open. Mom never has to worry about refilling the water bowl with the Drinkwell Everflow Indoor/Outdoor Fountain; it connects to a garden hose and automatically refills to a pre-selected water level. We love the 5” Pet Crate Fan because it keeps pets cool wherever they may be crated.

BioLite solar-powered light

The Conservationist

Eco-conscious moms love the pureWash Pro because it saves energy and money using the naturally purifying power of oxygen, the cold water cycle, and little to no detergent. It connects to your existing washer and eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and mold. The Honeywell Lyric Wi-Fi Water Leak Detector doubles as a freeze detector and can be placed near washers and sump pumps, under sinks, and in other areas that need monitoring.

BioLite’s products harness the power of the sun to provide you with lighting that’s perfect for camping and outdoor gatherings. The BaseLantern (pictured above) is a light source and power hub that includes two USB outputs for charging your devices, and connects to SiteLights, a daisy-chain lighting system that’s great for illuminating off-the-grid spaces. BioLite’s solar panels provide lighting and a way for you to charge phones and other devices, no matter where you are.

tech desk

The Techie

If your mom is a gadget guru, look no further. The Series 4 Apple Watch tracks activity and detects workouts, connects you with phone calls and messages, and monitors your heart rate. Airpods keep mom wirelessly connected to her favorite tunes and allow her to take phone calls without missing a beat—or having to reach for her phone.

Mom will love the MacBook Pro—it’s the lightest, fastest, notebook computer for ultimate portability so she can capture her ideas on the go. For an even smaller yet still powerful device, the iPad Mini lets you compose emails, edit videos, read books, write reports, and more, all on a 7.9-inch display.

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