5 Things You Can Do with the Google Home Hub

This virtual home assistant makes automation as easy as the sound of your voice.

When it comes to automating your home, smart products help you stay connected and offer welcome convenience for a busy lifestyle. According to recent statistics*, voice control capabilities are top priority for most Americans using smart home devices. Spoken commands are driving the brave new hands-free world of automation.

The new Google Home Hub serves as command central, uniting your team of home automation devices and allowing you to easily access the video doorbell, cameras, lights, and other smart devices with only your voice. Even beyond this, the Hub offers added convenience to help simplify the tasks of your life.

Smart Home Hub

From the Google Home Hub’s home view screen, you can control the TV, monitor cameras, lock the door, dim the lights, and more. It works hand-in-hand with products like the Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell camera and Nest indoor and outdoor cameras, giving you more control over your security and surroundings. The Hub works with more than 5,000 smart devices from over 400 popular brands, allowing you to stay connected to what matters.

Nest Hello Doorbell

Day Planner

Google makes use of voice matching technology to access personalized routines. Simply saying, “Hey Google, good morning” cues a readout of your schedule, the weather, your morning commute, and your reminders, activities, and notifications for the day ahead, all accessible from the home screen.

You can say things like “Remind me to call Tom when I get to work,” “Listen to NPR,” and “Show my agenda for the day.” The Hub is designed to maximize productivity and ensure that your schedule is top of mind to help you navigate your day with ease.

Virtual Assistant

The Google Home Hub is a virtual assistant that is always at the ready. Using the built-in Google Assistant, you can add items to your shopping list, find out how to cut a pineapple, or place an audio call. Ask for sports scores, discover local businesses, and watch videos on YouTube. The convenience of having all the information of Google at hand lends to a rich, immersive experience.  

The Hub also works with many apps and services, allowing you to summon an Uber ride, order pizza, and get the latest information from The New York Times.

The Ultimate Media Hub

Listen to your favorite tunes on YouTube Music, Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, and more. Or, choose to play music from one of your playlists. The Hub boasts a full-range speaker, delivering crystal-clear audio for that next get-together.

And, drawing from Google Photos, the Hub constantly updates your photo stream and connects you to Live Albums, showing you the latest photos from friends and family, and anyone who has shared a Live Album with you. To see certain pictures, just start by saying, “Show photos of my summer vacation,” or “Find my photos of poodles.”

Turn-Down Service

At the end of the day, saying “Hey Google, good night” can turn off the lights and television, lock the door, and set an alarm. The Hub’s Ambient EQ feature dims the lighting of the screen to match the ambient light and color, so it doesn’t disrupt sleep. The feature automatically detects more than 16 million combinations of light and color in the room, drawing from them to display photos that blend with the décor.

From start to finish, the Google Home Hub is a powerful home assistant that helps to organize your day, connect your smart devices, and provides the information of the internet, all with the command of your voice. Learn more here.

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