2020 Guide to Choosing the Best Video Doorbell System

Choosing the right video doorbell doesn’t have to be hard. Smart Neighbor is here to help you find the perfect smart video doorbell system.




5 Easy Steps for Choosing the Best Smart Video Doorbell in 2020

The concept of a smart video doorbell is simple.  During set up, you will have nothing to fear even if you do not have any tech experience. When someone rings your doorbell, you’ll be notified on your smartphone. You can communicate with the visitor using video and two-way audio, even if you’re on the other side of the world. If you want to keep your home protected and stay aware of all activity while away from your home remotely, a video doorbell is the smart choice. So, let's jump into some important things to consider when buying a video doorbell.


1) Wireless or Wired?

The first decision is whether or not you want a wired or wireless system. Most video doorbells are designed to replace your already existing wired doorbell. It makes sense if you’re looking for quick and easy installation while eliminating the need to replace batteries. All you’ll need is some simple connectors that come included with your video doorbell.

What do you do if you don't have an already existing wired doorbell?

Why not consider a wireless video doorbell?

We’ll start by looking at our smart neighbor team reviews below with some battery-powered systems perfect for anyone who doesn't have an existing wired doorbell. Now let's discuss what kind of motion detection you want.

2) Motion Detection

While most video doorbells in 2020 come equipped with either standard or advanced motion detection, the degree of sensitivity and customization will vary. When deciding on what smart device to purchase, tailor it to your needs.  Another key area to consider when prioritizing what you need are the requirements that come with the viewing angle of your property and the resolution of your video.

3) Viewing Angle and Resolution

HD video comes standard, so consider how important video resolution is to you. If details are important, choose a doorbell with 1080p HD. If the resolution isn't as important, you can stick with the 720P. Investing in a video doorbell with night vision should be a high priority on your list.

Viewing angle varies but is normally within an area of 150 to 160 degrees. If covering large areas of your property is essential, Ring offers doorbells with a 180-degree field of view. You can enhance the angle by investing in a corner kit, so you can protect your home from the angles that you prefer.

There is no right or wrong doorbell to choose, it’s simply what works best for you.

4) Storage Cost

Planning is key when deciding on what doorbell you are investing in.

Check to see what features come free and which ones you’ll need a paid plan for. Most doorbells offer limited free cloud storage. If you require more storage, you will most likely need to invest into a subscription plan based on how much data you prefer to store.  Read the fine print when purchasing to make sure you are getting the smartest video doorbell tailored for you.

5) Integration

As with all smart devices, the trick of home automation is getting those devices to communicate with one another. Think about the endless opportunities offered through technology that you would like to integrate with your video doorbell.

Do you want it to work with your smart lighting or a smart door lock?

What about using Alexa or other digital assistants?

Check for compatibility with all smart devices before arriving at the commitment to purchase. In doing this, you can build your smart home starting at your front door. So, getting the right video doorbell is pretty simple. If you choose from one of our product suggestions below, the decision on which specific model you need will be just as easy.


Smart Neighbor Product Reviews


1) The Range of Ring

Amazon-owned security specialist Ring is the market leader within the smart video doorbell space. Created by entrepreneur Jamie Siminoff in 2013, the classic Video Doorbell stormed the smart home scene. Today, you can still acquire the first WiFi Video Doorbell at a competitive price.

Is the classic version still worth buying?

That depends entirely on what you want from your entry system. If you’re okay with 720p HD video footage and robust two-way audio, video doorbells still add up in 2020. You’ll be limited to 2.4GHz WiFi, so confirm you've got the network capabilities, but you'll skip out on the more advanced human detection present in later models. The choices for interchangeable faces are out but you'll have the three different finishes as options to choose from.


Ring Video Doorbell Elite

What about the Ring Doorbell Elite?

This model brings a major boost as you’d expect from any professional-grade solution. This model gives you stability, while the range of view extends to 160 degrees horizontally together with 90 degrees vertically. The Ring Doorbell Elite is tailor-made for monitoring and security your smart home.


2) Google Nest

Nest and Google Home have joined together as Google Nest. 24/7 video streaming and continual recording ensure you’ll never miss a thing. You’ll have to purchase the new one low price Nest Aware subscription for these features as explained below. The HD video combined with clear 2-way audio is best in class. The 4:3 aspect is expressly designed so you'll see people full-length. HDR footage is sharp and precise, even in unlit areas. Audio comes with noise cancellation, so you’ll be ready to have a personal conversation and not one dominated by ambient noise. If you get a notification in the middle of something, pre-recorded messages for visitors leave a private touch. Identification is first-class. You’ll get a special alert if it’s family or friends at the door, and Google Nest Hello also can understand when the visitor could be a stranger, so you’ll stay within the loop. This feature is only unlocked with the Nest Aware subscription. The new Nest Aware subscription covers all Nest products in your home for one fixed price. If you add additional products to your home, the price is the same. Google Nest Hello works alongside Google Home creating the perfect pairing.


3) August Doorbell Cam

Always know who's at the front door, even when you're not home. Whether you're upstairs, at work, or away on vacation, August Doorbell Cam alerts you every time the bell is rung and lets you see and speak with visitors from your smartphone, from anywhere.

Enjoy extra peace of mind with instant notifications when Doorbell Cam detects motion from visitors, identifying people at your door. One-way HD camera gives you a clear view of visitors from your smartphone while ensuring your privacy. The Doorbell Cam is easy to install and replaces your existing wired doorbell. Best-in-class HD video gives you a realistic view of your doorstep with minimal fisheye distortion while crisp audio ensures every conversation is clear on both ends. Let them know you’ll be right there or let them in. Connect to your August Smart Lock via the August Connect Wi-Fi  , so you can unlock the door from anywhere. You will need to purchase an optional subscription to access the premium features listed above.


Smart Neighbor hopes that you find this information helpful when making your final choice on which video doorbell system to invest in. If you have any questions we are here to help you along the way.