10 Must-Have Add-Ons for Your Smart Home System (Part Two)

Learn more about smart home technology and how it makes life easier and helps save energy in your home

There are many products on the market today that are wonderful additions to any smart home system, but navigating through all the options can be challenging.

In part one of our 3-part series, we highlighted the first four products, which included smart thermostats, a water-leak detector, a smoke/CO alarm and security cameras as must-have additions to your smart home system. Today, we continue with the next three products, which are ranked 5 through 7:

5. Arrival Sensor- Adding an arrival sensor is a great way to know when someone arrives at your home. They can be placed in key areas such as a driveway gate, garage door, front door or back door. These sensors send a message to your smart hub when someone approaches your home, and you can receive updates remotely via your smartphone. They certainly come in handy for times when house guests arrive early or when that Amazon box has been delivered to your front porch. They are also great for letting you know when an uninvited guest suddenly shows up, as we all hate when that happens.

Nucleus Smartphone Smart Home Technology Don’t you just hate having to yell all over the house to connect with your spouse or kids. Well, reach out the smart way with a home intercom system.

6. Motion Sensor- Another great way to help ensure your home is protected is by adding a motion sensor. Place them in entry ways or near doors or windows where access to your home can be gained. Once movement is detected, the sensors send a message to your smart hub. You can program it to notify you via your smartphone as well. You can also turn the sensors on or off remotely if you know someone is coming to your home while you are away.

We will present our final series installment next week, so make sure you come back to see which four products complete our list.

11 Must Have Add Ons for Your Smart Home Part One

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