What are your store hours?

Most locations are open Monday - Friday 8:30am - 5pm. View our locations page

Do I have to be an Alabama Power (utility) customer to purchase from your store?

No. Alabama Power Appliance Centers have sold to thousands of customers who have their utility service through other power generation providers or electric co-op. We can sell to any person that comes into our stores. If you are an Alabama Power utility customer, there are no service time requirements. Financing is available to anyone with approved credit.

Is there a penalty for paying off early?

No. Additional payments can be applied to the principal balance as directed by the customer.

Do I have to pay off my existing merchandise balance before I can add another item?

You do not have to pay off an existing balance before making another purchase. If your previous purchase is over thirty days you will need to complete a new credit application for approval.

Where is my store located?

Alabama Power operates 87 locations across Alabama. Please click on the link for a complete store listing. View Our Store Locations

What happens if the appliance does not work properly?

APC Appliances Sales sell only vendor products with a minimum 1 year warranty and manufacturers that stand behind their product and warranties. In many cases our customers call into our in-house service department at 1-800-613-9333.

What does your Extended Service Agreement cover when a product is out of warranty?

Covers all parts and labor, including icemakers, bake/broil units, dryer heating elements and washing machine pumps. See terms and conditions for details.

Can I purchase an Extended Service Agreement at a later date?

You can purchase the extended service agreement at a later date, but purchasing it when you purchase your merchandise offers you savings up front and it allows you to purchase up to four years at a set price.