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Smart Glass

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Smart Glass

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Smart Glass

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This product is currently only available through our manufacturer affiliate. For more information, or to purchase this product, please click below to visit the manufacturer site.

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Product Description

Innovative Glass offers a full line of switchable glazing solutions, giving you full control of privacy, light, sunglare & heat gain - automatically, or at the touch of a button. Windows, doors, walls & skylights produced with eGlass provide an unmatched combination of comfort, security & energy efficiency.

Whether you need our electronic LC Privacy Glass, SPD SmartGlass, SageGlass or our sunlight responsive SolarSmart Glass, visit the industries above to identify and visualize your optimal dynamic glazing solution.

SPD SmartGlass is a dynamically variable, instantly reactive glazing technology that changes from soft blue to a dark blue tint to give you the ability to "tune" the amount of light and sunglare streaming through a window or skylight. The tint level is infinitely adjustable - as opposed to simply ON/OFF - and it has a very wide dynamic light transmission range (can block out over 99.5% of Light Transmission in its off state). This allows you to instantly control the heat gain and view quickly and effectively. 

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