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Alabama Power has partnered with local builders and Chorus SmartSecure to develop smart neighborhoods. Smart Neighborhood homes feature energy-efficient appliances, connected devices, innovative security solutions and home automation…all designed to simplify homeowners’ lives and give them more control over their home and energy use.

Smart Neighborhood Communities at a Glance


Auburn, AL

Holland Homes

Charming wooded lots designed for both first-time homebuyers and retirees looking to downsize. 51 lots. Construction starts in 2019.

Coming Soon

Auburn, AL

Harris Doyle Homes

A new community of homes, focused on emerging energy-efficient standards and innovative home technology. 55 lots. Construction starts in 2019.

Cedar Rock Farms

Leeds, AL

Curtis White Companies

Homes that embody country living yet are conveniently close to the city and equipped with intelligent energy-saving technology. 21 lots. Construction starts in 2019.


Smart Neighborhood homes are high performance homes, built with enhanced energy efficiency measures that go beyond industry standards. Homes include programmable thermostats, improved insulation and high-efficiency heat pumps, water heaters and appliances. These measures help you to live comfortably, knowing your home is working smarter to create the perfect environment for you and your family.



Finding a dream home today is more than a perfect floor plan or location. It’s about creating a home that meets the needs and demands of day-to-day life. Smart Neighborhood homes are equipped with cutting-edge technologies, capable of handling a multitude of responsibilities to help simplify routine tasks. Features can be managed through smartphones, tablets and via voice-activation for ultimate convenience.



Smart Neighborhood homes are built with the homeowner’s peace of mind in mind. Outfitted with smart systems, they provide a compatible network to help you manage and control various aspects of your home. From security monitoring to light and garage door control to setting your thermostat, you feel connected and in control no matter where you are – at home or while away.

Reynolds Landing

The First Smart Neighborhood™

Explore Alabama Power’s first Smart Neighborhood, located at Reynolds Landing at Ross Bridge.

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What is a Smart Neighborhood?

A Smart Neighborhood is a community of homes, designed in partnership with Alabama Power, to give homeowners more control over their home and energy use by incorporating energy-efficient appliances, connected devices, innovative security systems and more home automation.

How can I learn about a specific Smart Neighborhood?

This page features all of Alabama Power’s smart neighborhoods. Simply click on the community you are interested in to go to the builder’s site to learn more about that specific development. If you don’t see the development on their website yet, feel free to contact the builder. They stand ready to answer your questions.

Is every Smart Neighborhood and home the same?

No. Each home is built with Smart Neighborhood features, but they may differ in style and offerings based on the individual builder’s and/or community’s design plans.

Will everything be set up for me in my smart home?

Smart homes are all about convenience, and we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get set up. We will conduct a personal on-site orientation to help you set up your smart home and provide you with a guide that explains your smart home features. Additionally, you will be given online and phone support if you have questions about your smart home devices and appliances.

What are the benefits of having an electric vehicle and charger in my smart home?

Plug-in electric vehicles are environmentally friendly and can save you in fuel costs. In addition, EV drivers who are also Alabama Power customers can enjoy a discounted rate on their power usage during the EV charging period of 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. Go here to learn more.

How can I become a Smart Neighborhood builder?

We would love to partner with you. Fill out this form, and one of our Smart Neighborhood program representatives will reach out to you.

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