Smart Pet

Smart Neighbor is your go-to resource for a pet-friendly, energy-efficient home.

Smart Neighbor knows pets are part of the family. That’s why we’ve found the best Smart pet accessories & pet supplies to keep your furry friends fed and your home as pet-hair free as possible.

Breathe easier with our fresh-scent 4-pack of air filters and program one of our robotic vacuums to clean up cat hair.  If dirt and dander are still getting you down, try a remote-controlled air purifier or get those pups raised right with an automatic paw washer.

Wondering what your pets do all day? Our monitors keep track of snacks, naps, and activities. Some models have video interaction so you can check in on them and say hello whenever you are out.

Smart Neighbor experts research eco-friendly products to simplify your day and save you time and money for the things you love most in your home. See what else is new in this week’s Smart Deals.