Turn to Philips Electronics for a Variety of Smart Home Products

Smart Neighbors tend to look for a company that offers a wide range of smart home products and one company that delivers that wide variety is Philips electronics. They currently offer a great selection of next generation HDTVs, light bulbs, dimmer kits and the all- important HUE bridge that controls them all.

For next generation high definition televisions, Philips electronics is one of the leading pioneers and innovators. Their smart TVs and 4K Ultra HD TVs are quite impressive with a myriad of features and benefits to consider. They also connect to the HUE bridge so you can control them remotely to record your favorite shows while you are out of town or if you forget to program the SEC game of the week before you left home for the big tailgate.

And when the game is over and you return home, you’ll be thankful that Philips Bloom Extension and smart LED bulbs are connected so you can turn on the lights before you get to the front door. Once inside, you can turn up the lights so everyone can see where they are going as they spread out around your home. And once everyone is settled in, you can dim the lights from your couch to wind down your day.