Top Ten Gift Ideas for Modern Moms

Mother’s Day calls for gifts that are delightful and make life easier for Mom.

Free Up Mom's Time

Forget the robe and slippers. Let mom take a break from mundane tasks with a gift everyone can use – a digital assistant that responds to voice commands. She can turn on lights, turn down music, and start the dishwasher or coffee maker without lifting a finger. Digital assistants are perfect for people just starting out with home automation, while savvy moms will have fun seeing just how many skills they can add to their smart home helper. Try a video and voice-enabled model, like the Amazon Echo Show, to see the day’s weather and news or sing along with the latest tunes.  The small, simple Google Home Mini connects with dozens of digital devices throughout your home. Add a smart plug to your waffle maker and everyone can sleep in a few extra minutes.

Make a magnificent Mother’s Day by binge-watching a few rom-coms. Make the most of your time and your HD TV by adding a Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player. Brilliant pictures and immersive quality lets moms get lost in the moment.

Breakfast In Bed

If you’re looking for a new way to make your mom a top-notch breakfast in bed, try a smart pan and induction burner from Hestan Cue. This lovely luxury comes with instant access to recipes and instructions from classically trained chefs who break down recipes into simple steps anyone can follow from their smart phone.  

Treat Mom to breakfast in bed this Mother's Day.

If your mom prefers traditional dinner on the table, offer to make a meal in the NuWave Pressure Cooker. This slow-cooker/steamer/pressure cooker combo provides a tremendous array of cooking possibilities, all in a single appliance that minds its manners. Its set-ahead time and temperature settings ensure the pressure cooker turns on and off at precisely the right time.

Outside Advantage

Take advantage of spring breezes and bring a Seafoam Green YETI Tundra 45 cooler on a Sunday drive or lazy river trip to celebrate the day. The Tundra 45 is perfect for keeping a picnic dinner cool for the whole family. Or, spring for a small splurge on a 20 oz YETI Rambler Tumbler she can take to work or enjoy on the way to that spa visit you remembered to schedule!

Mothers who are more likely to run a 5K than prep a 5-course meal will enjoy our Jabra wireless workout headphones. Passive noise cancellation lets her ignore distractions along the race route, while the built-in heart monitor and oxygen tracking features push her to achieve her personal best.

Clean Sweep

When the day is done, Mom can walk barefoot and fancy-free on clean floors thanks to the Neato Robotics Botvac D5. Its laser-smart precision devours pet dander and dust bunnies. If your mom likes to be more hands-on, the budget-friendly Shark Rocket Corded Hand Vac cleans up messes with super speed and suction, inside and out. 

See more gift ideas in New Arrivals, visit your local Alabama Power Appliance Center for an in-person demonstration, or search to find intelligently designed devices for your smart home.