Smart Ways to Stick With New Year’s Resolutions

Resolve to make smarter decisions this year one small step at a time.

Resolve to make smarter decisions this year one small step at a time. The secret to making resolutions that stick? Start small, be specific, hang on for 66 days – the average length of time it takes to form a new habit, according to a London study -- and if you miss a day, just keep going. Better yet, leave the higher math to Smart Neighbor home automation devices that do the work for you. We’ve got 7 smart home devices to help you keep your resolve!


Plan your day with the Schneider Wiser Programmable Thermostat. Its sleek, compact design displays humidity settings and temperatures inside and out, helping your system run efficiently during every kind of weather. This plug-and-play thermostat automatically detects your home’s Wi-Fi and installs its own firmware, so it begins working with the newest version on Day 1 and keeps up with upgrades all year.

See other Smart Thermostats, including models that base settings on your daily preferences, saving you the trouble of checking in. People who use smart thermostats save an average of $180 per year – if they actually take advantage of the automated settings, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.


Sleep safely with a Nest Protect Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarm. Its split-second sensors detect fast and slow-burning fires and tell you exactly where they originate, allowing you to respond immediately. If it’s burnt microwave popcorn or a quick flash of flame from Cherries Jubilee, you can silence the sound of all alarms immediately from your phone. Pair it with the premium HD video and night-vision enabled Nest Home Security System and everyone in the house will sleep safe and sound.


May the new year mark the beginning of a lifetime of smart decisions!



Take the plunge and treat yourself to a YETI Rambler Water Bottle. Its NoSweat design keeps icy cold water so well insulated there’s not a drop of condensation leaking into your briefcase or purse. You’re likely to drink more water when it’s close at hand, and you’ll definitely save money drinking water from home instead of from one-time use plastic bottles. The average American uses 167 disposable water bottles each year and recycles less than half, according to advocates at Ban The Bottle. Read their bottled water facts – and notice the energy we waste using bottled water could power hundreds of thousands of homes!


Spring for the Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender and stealthily cut down calories in your morning smoothies, puree pure ingredient nut butters for snacks, and crush through whole fruits and vegetables for vitamin-rich juices.

Enjoy better-for-you fried foods with the Brio Air Fryer, a countertop cooker that crisps fish, fries, and everything in between with little to no oil needed as it heats up to 390 degrees.

When you look and feel great, show off a little with the Philips HUE smart lighting system. You can create the perfect mood by choosing one of 16 million color combinations, all from the Philips HUE app.

Save money, conserve energy, sleep well, and eat healthy. May 2018 mark the beginning of a lifetime of smart decisions! 

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