6 Tricks for a Festive Fall Holiday Home

Treat yourself to new tech that makes your home a desirable destination!

Clear a Path

Sweep away slippery fallen leaves, gather up garden hoses, replace any electrical cords that show signs of nicks or cuts, and test the reset button on your exterior outlets before plugging in outdoor decorations. Create an inviting path to your entrance using battery-powered votives inside luminarias or fall-themed outdoor lights strung along stakes or railings. Use a programmable timer or smart plug (like our TP-Link Smart WiFi Plug Mini)  to turn lights and displays on at dusk and off before bedtime.

Welcome Young Wizards

The Nest Hello Smart Video Doorbell installs in the place of your existing doorbell but uses a state-of-the-art high-definition camera with night vision to alert you when people, pets, and packages appear. The Nest Hello lets you talk and listen to visitors remotely, or even record a message, like “We’re restocking the candy cauldron and will reappear in just a few minutes!”

Connect the Nest Hello to your Google Home Mini to get an announcement when someone is at the door – a welcome feature any time of year.

Mix a Monster Mash

The Google Home Mini is a great way to create the perfect vibe for your Halloween party. Sync up with Pandora or Spotify for an endless loop of songs perfectly customized for your unique celebration. Looking for a specific sound effect? Add the Halloween Sounds skill to your Amazon Alexa Echo to cue creaky doors and shrieking banshees. Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa also have age-appropriate Halloween games to play in case your party needs a post-candy pick-me-up.

Set a Spooky Scene

Try adding LED light show projectors to your front façade for a safe, spectacular, and low-energy impact. Homeowners with Philips Hue smart lighting systems can download the Hue Halloween app for iPhone to combine audio effects with lighting, or the recently revamped Hue app to set a party scene from slightly scary to sophisticated.

For spot-on theatrics, add a strategically placed Philips Hue Go.This compact wireless lighting system connects with the Philips hub and Hue app for thousands of colors and options, but is portable and can be placed just about anywhere. Tuck one turned to a ghostly green behind a frosted glass door or clear shower curtain (in a safe, dry area) and add a life-sized silhouette that can only be seen when other lights in the room are low. This simple set up will have a dramatic effect – especially in a darkened guest bathroom!

Keep an Eye Out

Whether you’re hosting a party or handing out candy at the door, keeping guests, ghosts, and little goblins free from harm is key to enjoying the evening. Make sure extension cords are tucked out of sight or clearly taped and marked where trick or treaters won’t trip over them, and consider adding a Sengled Snap Outdoor Floodlight near your entrances and exits. The Snap twists into any standard socket, uses Wi-Fi instead of jumbled wires and cords, and combines a motion-sensor floodlight with a low-light sensitive camera that records in 720p for instant video viewing through the Snap app.

Play it safe with the Ring Floodlight Camera. Its motion-activated LED floodlights and smart zoom camera will illuminate costumed company (and alert your smart device) when visitors come into view. For even more fun, add the 2-way communication of the Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera. The built in microphone/speaker combo lets you launch into your best vampire voice or cue a spooky sound through the Nest app without being seen, while the Nest Cam’s unique night vision feature makes sure you can see in vivid detail exactly who’s headed to your home.

Secure All Areas

Relax and enjoy taking your own costumed crew through the neighborhood when you use the Nest Cam Indoor security camera. Its 24/7 live streaming and Nest Aware personal alerts will let you see and record any unwanted activity. Unlike motion-triggered systems, the Nest Cam records continuously and saves video data for 30 days.

When invited guests arrive before you do, the Nest x Yale lock lets you unlock the door from your phone and welcome them in. If you accidentally forget to lock the door, the Nest app will sense when you are away and lock it automatically. 

A few small devices can make a big difference when it comes to a memorable autumn night, providing perfect lights and sounds and helping your home stay safe and secure. Browse our home automation collection to see the bulbs, plugs, and power strips that can simplify your approach to a smart home while welcoming guests and conserving energy year-round.

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