Light Up Your Holiday Party with Smart Home Technology

With these tips, your holiday party will be the merriest, brightest and smartest of the season.

 If any of your guests have ever uttered the phrase “bah humbug” during your party in years past, perhaps it’s time to try something new by throwing a Christmas or Hanukkah party that incorporates smart home technology into the mix.

Don’t rely on the same ole’ family egg nog recipe or Grandpa’s DJ skills to kick things up a notch. Consider some of the following smart home products and connect them to your smart home network for a holiday party you’ll be proud to call your own.

Create the Perfect Mood with Festive Music and Complementary Lighting

Whether brightening the interior or exterior of your home, set the tone for a great party by syncing your Christmas lights and room lighting with your music. Program your exterior lights to brighten as your guests arrive and change direction as your holiday music changes. Set your entry lights to a bright setting to greet your guests as they arrive at your doorstep. Once inside, have your interior lights change color to the beat of the music.

Your tree lights can also be programmed to change color and direction to help create a fun and festive atmosphere. As the night winds down, set your music to take on a slower pace and dim lighting to the accompaniment, giving your guests a subtle hint that it’s time to wrap things up.

Ensure Everyone’s Safety

Keep your guests safe while they are attending your party by keeping an eye on your smoke and CO alarms and security cameras.

Smart security systems can send updates directly to your smartphone anytime movement is detected near a sensor. If you have them positioned in key areas, such as driveways, fence gates, front doors and patio doors, you can receive a photo or video to ensure all who arrive are invited before they gain access to your home.

And during your party, the smoke and CO alarms can also be monitored remotely in case the casserole in the oven burns or your fireplace flue accidentally gets closed and smoke fills your home.

Smart Home Technology Christmas Help ensure every room in your home stays comfortable with a programmable thermostat that you can control remotely.

Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

Let’s face it, the more people you have in a room, the hotter it can get. Help ensure every room in your home stays comfortable with a programmable thermostat that you can control remotely, or better yet, one that automatically adjusts based on changing conditions that may occur.

When guests repeatedly open and close your front door, the temperature can be hard to keep at a constant level. A thermostat that automatically makes adjustments is just the ticket for these situations. It's one of the most comforting forms of smart home technology that Smart Neighbor offers.

Entertain the Kids

We all know kids don’t want to be hanging around the adults all night, so keep them entertained by selecting some of the great holiday classics on your smart TV. You can set a playlist to keep the movies going, such as A Christmas Story, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation or Elf.

Bored with movies? Simply flip the switch from the HDMI TV to your video or game player to keep them busy and happy throughout the night.

Keep Things Humming in the Kitchen 

Before, during and after your party, the kitchen is going to have a lot of activity. Before your big bash, rest assured knowing your smart home technology paired with your appliances can keep things cooking all night long.

While you’re getting dressed, don’t stress. Simply use your smartphone to turn on your oven to get the appetizers going well before the first guest arrives. Not sure how much cream cheese is needed for your holiday cheesecake? Well, pull up the recipe right on your smart refrigerator and read as you go.

Later, adjust the temperature on your oven to get the main course going in plenty of time before dinner is served. Also, set your coffee maker ahead of time so that once dinner is over, that fresh brewed aroma can percolate throughout your kitchen right as dessert is being served.

And when the night is over and everything has been cleaned up, program your dishwasher to run while everyone has sugarplums dancing in their heads as they sleep, dreaming of all those presents that Santa will soon deliver.

Home Holiday Safety 101

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