Here’s How To Keep New Year’s Resolutions on Track

Simplify your goals using today's smart technology.

Nearly 4 of every 10 Americans make New Year’s Resolutions each January. Surveyors at the Statistic Brain Research Institute found that in 2017 almost 75% of people who made resolutions kept them the first week. But less than half still maintained those resolutions six months later. One key strategy for success is to keep things simple. Let smart technology into your home to schedule tasks, simplify meal prep, stream music and movies, and create a routine that keeps you on track automatically.

Eat At Home More Often

Make cooking at home as easy as eating out with the Hestan Cue smart pan or the NuWave induction burner. Both come with 9-inch non-stick pans so you can use very little butter or oil without scalding dinner or sacrificing flavor. The Hestan Cue syncs with your smart device for precision heat control and step-by-step recipe instructions from top chefs.

For another easy solution, try a modern slow cooker. With a multi-function appliance like the Ninja 3-in-1, you can sear meats and seasonings right in the pan to lock in flavor. Add remaining ingredients and slowly raise the temperature for 6-8 hours so dinner is cooked to perfection the moment you arrive. Plan ahead with a Hamilton Beach Set & Forget Programmable Cooker. Its precise temperature control and digital thermometer probe will let you know when your main course is ready to serve.

Write down your goals so they're easy to keep in focus.

If you're not ready to upgrade your existing slow cooker, consider adding a smart plug in the kitchen. You'll be able to turn on appliances and control time and temperature from the convenience of your phone. 

Get Fit

The most common pitfall of rushing into a fitness resolution is doing too much, too soon, resulting in injury and exhaustion. Instead, set a fitness goal that’s SMART: specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and timed. Start slow, and if you miss a day or two, just pick up where you left off.  Combine your fitness goals with fun and focus on feeling proud, not perfect.

Dance like nobody’s watching with the Sengled Pulse Starter Kit: two app-controlled dimmable LED bulbs with built-in JBL Bluetooth speakers and a Pulse link adapter that connects the bulbs to your TV or audio system for complete surround sound. Control the lights and sound along with your motivational playlist from your phone.

Program your smart thermostat at an energy-efficient temperature so you won’t waste energy when you are exercising elsewhere -- or get overheated when working out at home. Keep your home gym smelling fresh with a pureAir deodorizer from GreenTech Environmental. It helps banish the smell of sweaty sneakers and well-loved workout equipment.

Get Organized

Tackle this goal with home automation. Smart devices can command your lights to wake you early in the morning, lock your doors if you forget, monitor your pets, emphasize energy-savings, and turn the temperature up or down in your home.

Some programmable products, like Philips Hue lighting kits, work with a hub that let you adjust devices from your phone or another smart device. Others are voice-activated and work with digital assistants, like the Rachio 16-Zone Sprinkler Controller. A few, like the Sengled Snap Outdoor LED Floodlight/Security Camera are designed to connect directly with your home’s Wi-Fi. All typically take just minutes to install.

Many devices have an automatic feature that does the programming work for you. Nest and ecobee thermostats learn when you are most likely to set specific temperatures at certain times and anticipate those changes – conserving energy when you’re away from home. The Belkin Conserve Surge Protector automatically turns computers, printers, and other electronics off at night and on in the morning, or with any schedule you set with the desktop timer.

Cut down on manual tasks as well, like changing out your light bulbs. Smart LED bulbs use a fraction of the energy required for incandescent lighting, and new bulbs like the Sengled Twilight (which dims slowly after it’s turned off) are expected to last 25,000 hours. 

Gadgets are only as good as they are told to be! Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the features of your home automation devices and direct them to meet your goals. Used consistently, smart home devices can lead to dramatic savings on your power bill’s bottom line. 

Exude Gratitude

There’s one more resolution frequently featured in our nation’s top ten: do more good deeds. Technology can connect us to anyone, anywhere in the world. But occasionally turn off all those toys and simply share your talents and time.


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